Stay Then Go

STAY THEN GO is an emotional mystery that examines the limits of love and sacrifice. In a hospital waiting room, an uneasy mother reviews her experience raising her son who has autism. This reflection leads her to a startling discovery, which alters their course forever.

With superb performances by Janel Moloney (Emmy series winner THE WEST WING) as MARION, and BAFTA’s most promising actor recipient Matt Kane (THE LAST OF ROBIN HOOD) as EDDIE, STAY THEN GO is the feature- film directorial debut of Shelli Ainsworth, an award-winning playwright and director, who draws from her own experiences of raising a child with autism. Ainsworth says, “STAY THEN GO is informed by my experiences with my son. I am not a documentary filmmaker or an educator, but an artist. And so, my report back from this remarkable experience is a creative one, an interpretive endeavor. Rather than telling my story, I created a kind-of mirror image with this character, this mother, who could reflect my deepest hopes and fears.”